New gallery in Antwerp gives young talent a chance !

New gallery in Antwerp gives young talent a chance
(Translated from Dutch Newspaper ‘’.)
12/06/2014 at 03:00

My Galleries is the name of a new gallery on the Allewaertstraat in the South. Every month initiator Michiel Verstraten shows the work of a well-known artist, in combination with that of a few young wolves.

To select young talent, Michiel closely follows the art students, and constantly searches for new names. ‘The aim of the initiative is to give new talent opportunities in the art world’, says Michiel. ‘The focus of My Galleries is mainly on contemporary art. Every month, one established artist is combined with three or four talents. That has the advantage that there will always be a lot of new things to see. “Every Friday evening, My Galleries also organizes a Social Drink where people can meet each other with a drink.

Because the gallery is too small to show all the new talent, My Galleries has set up the ‘Corporate Art Loan Program’. This means that the gallery, in collaboration with interested art academies, offers art lending to companies. ‘Young artists have many opportunities to exhibit and companies can keep their working environment alive at low cost.’

My Galleries has officially opened its doors in the meantime. This month there are some paintings by the famous painter Bart Verheyen, but also colorful paintings by Rotterdammer Tymon De Laet and clothing by the Antwerp academy student Joost Merckx.

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